"SharePoint Saturday" Scheduled for February in Leawood, Kansas

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SPSaturdayKC My friend and colleague Clint Edmonson is working with community leaders to put on a great learning event called SharePoint Saturday on February 7th at Centriq in Leawood, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City. This event, targeted primarily at SharePoint developers and architects, will cover a wide variety of topics and will be presented by a great assembly of SharePoint luminaries, professionals and Microsoft MVPs.

Here is the current lineup for the day:

Session Level Session Type Speaker Name Session Title Session Abstract
100 Development Corey Roth Deploying Code in SharePoint This talk walks new SharePoint developers through the process of deploying web parts and user controls in SharePoint.   In this talk, you will learn how to build features and wsp solution packages as well as an introduction to code access security.
100 Special Interest Cara Miller Redesigning the Sharepoint Interface This session will show you how to effectively modify the sharepoint interface to serve the unique needs of your organization and it’s brand.
200 Administration Tony Lanni SharePoint Backup & Recovery and Governance With SharePoint quickly becoming the preferred platform for team collaboration, protection from unexpected data loss is a vital concern for today’s administrators. Otherwise, organizations will be left grappling with crippling data loss and system downtime while dealing with the risk of lost intellectual property and wasted employee productivity. How can you ensure that your SharePoint backup policies are governed appropriately by your organization’s business processes to promote intelligent, automated, and independent system protection?
Whether your organization already has an existing SharePoint implementation in place, or you are pursuing a new implementation, the overall strategy of a successful SharePoint 2007 deployment needs to be approached in a very unique manner. SharePoint can become so popular within an organization so fast that without the proper governance model you can have numerous sites with sprawling content, no standard metadata, no content management policies, and inadequate security policies. Can you reel SharePoint back in after you get to this point? That is why enforcing governance within your organization is so critical and the sooner this is done the better. Effective SharePoint governance encompasses numerous different topics, and this session will focus on a number of key areas aimed at delivering the return that you would expect from your enterprise-wide collaboration and portal platform.
200 Development
Todd Kitta Business Data Catalog Development This session will cover development options for the Business Data Catalog. This will include the BDC APIs as well as discussions around BDC custom actions which can facilitate backend data manipulation.
200 Development
Becky Bertram Introduction to SharePoint Web Content Management Development Becky will explain how the Web Content Management (WCM) features of SharePoint can be used to create a public-facing Internet site, and demonstrate how to create a basic page template using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.
Special Interest Matt Bremer Aggregating Site Content Across Site Collections without Code There are a number of reasons to use Site Collections in SharePoint 2007. A side effect from this decision, however, is that it is difficult to aggregate content across them. In this session you will learn how to use the Data View Web Part connected to the SharePoint search web service to aggregate content across site collections without code and still respect your list and site security.
200 Administration Todd Ingersoll & Mike Henthorn Navigating the Migration waters, what types of migration option are available for me? In this session we will present the various SharePoint Migration methodologies.  We will focus on comparing the various migration apps available including discussing particular migrations from other apps including SharePoint ‘03, CMS, File Shares, Lotus Notes and Stellent.  A few live demos will be given during the presentation.
200 Administration Ram Gopinathan Securing SharePoint Deployments This session will cover topics on MOSS Security, you will walk away from this session with some guidelines and strategies that could be applied to secure your MOSS deployments
    * Overview of Farm topologies,
    * Server Hardening,
    * Configuring Farm in Least Privilege Mode
    * ForeFront Security For SharePoint
    * RMS integration to sharepoint to protect portal content
    * Securing Server to Server Communications
    * Securing Client to Server communications
200 Development Mike Knowles Developing Custom Editors for SharePoint Web Parts Mike will discuss options for developing the presentation, storage, and retrieval of Web Part properties within the SharePoint Web Part Tool Pane. Code examples will show how to add simple properties to the existing panels, and how to develop a custom Editor Part to display your editor within its own panel. Use of the Publishing AssetUrlSelector within a Web Part Editor Part will also be demonstrated.  
All source code will be available online after the event at:
200 Development
Daniel Larson Programming Dynamic AJAX Applications using the SharePoint Platform AJAX is a powerful programming model that lets users interact with your software in realtime, enabling productive communication and collaboration without the need for postbacks. In this session, Dan will show you how to Microsoft’s AJAX Library to develop rich internet applications using standard browser technologies. We’ll also look at the SharePoint AJAX Toolkit, which will make AJAX programming in SharePoint a breeze.  The SharePoint AJAX Toolkit is a professional open-source framework developed by Daniel Larson to abstract the hard parts of AJAX into a reusable library. It’s also the core foundation of commercial products he develops at NewsGator. This session is designed for experienced ASP.NET programmers who want to bridge the power of ASP.NET AJAX with the Windows SharePoint Services platform. We’ll look at the SharePoint AJAX Toolkit, example applications, and supported techniques for developing AJAX applications on WSS and MOSS.
300 Special Interest
Errin O’Connor
Building Your SharePoint Platform as a Service You’ve heard of software as a service (SaaS); now it’s time to think about SharePoint as a service (SPaaS). Is your organization’s SharePoint deployment an intranet solution, enterprise content management system, knowledge management solution, collaboration solution, business process automation platform or hybrid of the above? Your SharePoint platform should be built as a service to meet the business and functional requirements of your organization.
300 Special Interest
Michael Lotter
Building a framework for your InfoPath 2007 Web Based Rorms With the maturity of the new versions of SharePoint and InfoPath brought web based InfoPath forms and the reality of deploying an electronic form based solution in the enterprise.  If anybody has gone down this path you quickly realize that having the forms browser based really is the tip of the ice berg.  In this session we go into the details about building WCF framework to allow InfoPath forms to reach out and communicate with other applications and how you could read the content of your InfoPath forms and message bodies when being processed by WF workflow.
Architecture Karthik Venkataraman Architecting an Internet Facing Site with Web Content Management (WCM) in MOSS 2007 This session explores the challenges commonly faced implementing an internet facing site in MOSS with WCM capabilities. The key concepts covered include team-based development with source control integration, configuration of three-tier development architecture, customized deployment actions for different environments and securing a production environment. Other topics that will be briefly touched upon include WF integration, best practices, and important considerations while designing a WCM system.
300 Special Interest David McCollough & Dennis Bottjer Enabling Variations on a Multilingual Publishing Portal A “what-we-learned” deep dive from recent project experience where Variations were enabled to support the multilingual requirements of an Internet Portal.  We will discuss configuration, patches, replication issues, performance, custom code, and testing.  The majority of our material will be from real world experience and the school of hard knocks!
300 End User John Stover
Data and Views and Forms – Oh My!  Building robust applications for MOSS and WSS using the Data View Web Part in SharePoint Designer.

Did you know that you can write complete applications without writing any actual code? Connect to a web service, a database, or another SharePoint site to get or update data easily using SharePoint Designer 2007.  This session will cover the basics of this little understood and underutilized gem of SharePoint!  See real world solutions, tricks, and see how to create an anonymous registration form that also tracks the ad source - done in SharePoint without writing any code!  While this session is for any power users – developers are encouraged to attend!  Quit working so hard to accomplish tasks that can be done with a few mouse clicks.

As you can see, there will be something for everyone who works with SharePoint. To learn more about SharePoint Saturday, check out the event’s web site. If you’re ready to register for this free event, you can do so here.

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